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Taizou is a small chain of three shops in Shibuya-ku and Setagaya-ku. Mostly they have shoyu and gyoukai flavors of ramen soup, along with shio tsukemen. They also have some black pork gyoza that are quite good. Recently they started advertising a new Ramen Jiro-like dish, a special (katsuo) mega bushi-men that is intended to be a lot like Jiro (Jiro-inspired) in terms of pork, vegetables and noodles. It's decent but it doesn't really come that close to Ramen Jiro. It was less garlicky and more salty, though the taste was decent overall. They don't put the garlic in it for you, you have to crush it yourself with the press on the counter. The broth has a high suspended fat ratio, but it was moderately-strained, no huge clumps of fat. The noodles were sort of the right consistency and color but too thin to compare to Jiro. The pork was very crumbly and fell apart, it's meant to be dunked in the soup and melted a bit I think. It was a total of 6 slices since I bought a extra chashu ticket from the machine. The veggies were mostly moyashis. Taizou's noodles are also available for order on-line. There will usually be at least a short line outside this shop most weekdays between 12 and 1.

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