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Shinki Restaurant/Nakanobu


Shinki Restaurant in Nakanobu is an interesting little Chinese restaurant that has some slightly different dishes on the menu. The shop is near Nakanobu Station on the Toei Asakusa line. Shinki is actually a small chain of three places in Setagaya-ku, Minato-ku, and this one in Shinagawa-ku. I tried something that I haven't seen anywhere else (yet) in Tokyo, the tsuyu nashi (no soup, つゆなし麺), very thin Hong Kong-style egg noodles. Sometimes this is called "dry noodle" style in Chinese restaurants. The noodles were served with a very salty shoyu-based sauce drizzled over them, not regular soup style. You can get either thicker Japanese noodles or these thinner (angel hair or thinner) Hong Kong-style noodles. There were also a lot of different small dim-sum type dishes on the menu, such as spare rib meshis and various sauteed vegetables, and the actual in-store menu is bigger than what's on the site. The shop was not crowded at 3 PM on a Saturday. I think the food here is good but for the price (1050 yen) I would want a somewhat bigger portion, or at least the option for an omori size.

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