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Ikeda Tsukemen/Meguro
池田 つけ麺/目黒


Ikeda Tsukemen is down the hill from JR Meguro Station going west towards FutakoTamagawa. The ticket machine is outside the store and inside there is a long counter (a bit narrow behind it as you are getting in and out). The broths that Ikeda Tsukemen has are both salt and pork/fish broths, the salt (shio) was my preference. They put a little slice of lemon in the noodle bowl, a nice touch. The omori and regular portions are the same price, and I recommend that you get the katame hardness. If you order the salt-based broth then you will get noodles that are a bit thinner (like thin linguine) than the regular ones. You can also order extra chashu, however each buta ticket gives you four more slices of pork, but it's not grilled. Don't forget that you also get some pork chopped up in the broth. Last year Ikeda Tsukemen had a special limited-each-day Thai-curry flavored tsukemen broth, that was very interesting, let's see if they do that again this year or something even more creative.

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