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Asahikawa Ueda Ramen/EbisuMinami
旭川 うえだ らーめん/恵比寿西


Asahikawa Ueda Ramen is on one of the east-west entertainment streets emanating from the west side of JR Ebisu Station. They serve several different ramen styles and broth, including shoyu, miso, shio and a special grilled chicken ramen which I will have to go back and try some time. Pictures of all their dishes are on the website below. At lunchtime on a weekday it was mostly salarimen slurping it down. The shoyu ramen was definitely good with a salty but rich broth. The noodles were a bit thin and a small portion, and sort of looked like the type from a supermarket ramen package. The chashu was good, the rolled up type. However there were a number of things that differ from the standard definition of Ashikawa ramen, such as the noodles being not so straight, and the broth more like shoyu, with no added abura, than the tonkotsu/fish blends that the Asahikawa region is known for.

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