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Taishi means "lofty ambitions" in Japanese. This shop, which only does tsukemen, is a relatively large place with tables and a spacious counter. It's a few doors down to the west after you come out of the D4 exit of Shinjuku Station on the nishi-guchi side (actually the nishi-guchi is more north than west I guess). It wasn't crowded at all, just a few other people, however again this was one of the O-Bon/summer holiday weeks so a lot of people are out of town of course. Tsukemen broth here was pretty standard. The chashu was a standout, moderately thick slices with a fair amount of fat and taste. I recommend getting the extra slices for 300 yen. However the regular portion of noodles was quite small actually so I recommend you get the omori or the extra omori. The sizes are 300g, 400g and 500g, all for the same price. Broth comes in wa-fu, spicy taste and spicy miso taste, the wa-fu (和風) is the one that will be closest to a shoyu taste. They have some interesting Chinese-looking side dishes on the reverse side of the menu which I did not have time to try this visit. So overall decent.

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