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中華そば すずらん/渋谷


Suzuran is a well-regarded shop very close to JR Shibuya Station that specializes in tsukemen/tsukesoba. It has received some good blog writeups in the past and they are definitely well-deserved. Sometimes on the weekends there is a line, and when that occurs one of the shop staff will come out to take preorders from the people on the line. No line today though, and the shop was 1/2 empty, perhaps people were staying inside because of Typhoon Man-Yi. My latest trip here was this past weekend after stopping by the Softbank Shibuya shop to take care of some cell phone business. Their famous kakuni (boiled/braised pork belly) made with Kagoshima pork is served here along with specially-made wide noodles of which they have a limited supply each day. Kagoshima pork is generally held to be the best in Japan. If you have not been to Suzuran before then I definitely recommend that you get the kakuni tsukesoba for your first trip. If you want to order something else as a main then you can get kakuni as a side dish also. However today I went for the regular chashu tsukesoba with miso shiru (dipping soup), which is slightly spicy as I taste it. The noodles were very chewy without me having to ask for them to be katame. Excellent flavor all around.

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