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This place is interesting. There's someone cutting the noodles by hand from a big block of dough into a pot of steaming water. I watched him do it for 20 minutes straight, with barely a break. These noodles end up in the dan dan men (坦々麺), which was good and had a very spicy chili taste but didn't have the same creamy rich texture as some other dan dan men dishes I've had, which are heavy on the sesame and ground meat. The noodles are not really ramen but are closer to soba in taste and consistency. Overall if you like seeing this kind of thing then you might want to go. The broth was hot, more of a "raw heat" hot I thought. The broth-filled pork dumplings are reputed to be good too but I didn't try those. Yodobashi Akiba is a good place to hit either Daixin or Kohmen so if you are there anyway then head up to the 8th floor.

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