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Afuri is probably one of the better ramen shops in the Ebisu area. They supposedly use water for the noodles and broth that is imported from another location. Afuri is located quite close to Ebisu station and they have a shio broth that is quite tasty. They put some vegetables on top of the soup though. You can get tsukemen there, and they also have a version of tsukemen that is served with a spicy dipping shiru, and additional shichimi-like powder is sprinkled on the noodles, it was a bit too spicy for me but some people might like it. If you get tsukemen they will ask you whether you want the noodles served cold or hot. Regardless of what you decide I would definitely recommend getting another slice or two (buy a separate ticket for it at the machine in front) of the grilled (aburi) chashu. It is similar to Yotekko-ya in taste and grilling, very good. Due to its proximity to the station, expect to wait if you go at lunch time. Lunch set menus will come with rice and a small dish of sherbet. Also it's a very clean and busy shop, with sufficient staff so that there is no waiting.

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