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Ramen Jiro/Shindaita

At the ShinDaita Ramen Jiro on a Saturday at 5:30 PM there was a line of about 15 people waiting for the place to open. The proprietor hurried out to apologize that things were taking so long. It's very close to the station as you can see from the map, probably the only one that is that close, other than Sakuradai. There was a very thick layer of clear abura on top, perhaps a quarter inch. The veggies were almost all moyashi, very little cabbage. The buta was good but the pieces were rather small, you need to definitely get the hachi-mai ticket from the machine if you want a decent amount of pork. Only one guy behind the counter for whatever reason, so things went slowly. First time I've seen that in a long time in any ramen shop, not just a Jiro. The men are on the thin side, just a shade thicker than #8 spaghetti, and were normally cooked, not katame. No real choice of toppings, just "ninniku wa?" and spicy abura which I can't eat. No spoons or tissues and the only condiment was black pepper. Played a lot of punk-sounding music like Pizza of Death, etc. Ramen Jiro Information Page
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